A Fun Poem of Weaving Terms

This week, I wanted to share a piece that a student wrote about weaving terminology at the end of her Weaving I class at The Weavers’ School.


Things I Learned at The Weavers’ School

A reed doesn’t just grow in a swamp.
A tabby isn’t just a kind of cat.
A beater isn’t just for making eggs.
Sleying isn’t just something you do to a dragon.
A castle isn’t just where a princess lives.
Baby wolves don’t just come from mommy wolves.
A draft isn’t just a cold beer.
A profile isn’t just what someone looks like from the side.
A pick-up doesn’t just happen in a bar.
Tying one on doesn’t always lead to a hangover.
Crosses aren’t just in churches.
A cone doesn’t just come with ice cream in it.
A shot isn’t just something you get at the doctor’s office.
A shed isn’t just where you keep your gardening tools.
A temple isn’t just a place of worship.
A shuttle isn’t just a bus to the airport.
A gamp isn’t just a mythical creature you might find in a fantasy tale.
A choke isn’t just something that happens when Madelyn or Suzie takes you to a new loom and reviews the weaving instructions.

—Krista Richey

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