Pin-Loom Resources

We’ve got lots of great turorials and how-tos for pin-loom weaving,  but if you’re looking for a specific resource they can be sometimes hard to find. This page has links to our top pieces on weaving with a pin loom from how to weave a basic square, how to join your squares, and other helpful resources. We’ll update the page with new links as we put new resources up on the website. Bookmark or pin this page on Pinterest so you can easily access all these helpful resources for pin-loom weaving.

How to Weave With a Pin Loom

How to do a Mattress Stitch–this simple stitch is a great way to join squares together.

Whip Stitch Tutorial–the whip stitch lets you join two squares together in a way that creates an almost invisible seam on the right side of the fabric.

Slip Stitch Tutorial–use the slip stitch to join two pieces of fabric with folds. This might mean two folded pin loom squares or two pairs of pin loom squares where each pair has been sewn together. It creates a nearly invisible seam when finished.



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