Pin Loom History

Pin looms are little looms with big possibilities. Most of us are familiar with these little looms, but when did they get there start? If you’ve ever wondered when these looms were invented, here’s a bit of pin loom history. Unlike other looms that can trace their heritage back through the centuries, the pin loom is a relatively recent innovation having come onto the weaving scene in the 1930s. When they first came out they were amazingly innovative: not only could you weave a bit of fabric quickly, but you could use one single nine-yard thread as both warp and weft. Of course, as Deb points out in her article above, once people started weaving these fun little squares, they had to figure out what to do with them. Fortunately for those original pin-loom weavers, loom manufacturers such as Weave It, Loomette, and Jiffy –Loom put out amazing booklets of pin-loom patterns. And fortunately for us contemporary weavers, many of these original booklets are now in the public domain and can be found on the website While there are plenty of simple designs from blankets to scarves and the like, some of the books offer instructions on creating a stylish wardrobe using nothing but pin-loom squares—one booklet even featured instructions for weaving a bathing suit.  

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