Pebbled Path Alpaca Rug

This rug is woven on my RHL using a blend of 70% alpaca/wool.  The colors shift according to the alpaca involved, so there is quite a bit of minor and major shifting in the rugs.  The roving is core-spun over sisal and when finished weaving, I fulled the rug in the bathtub by walking on it and rolling it back and forth.  After it dried, I finished the loose ends and edges with needle felting for added strength. 

The fulling made this so incredibly soft and is a yummy thing to put by the bed for tootsies in the morning.  I just feel pampered when I get up.

I have made up 3 rugs and one for a wall hanging (dyed turquoise).  The roving takes dye nicely and can show a lot of variance in the colors within the rug itself.  I dyed the roving before weaving.  The roving I have I am selling for $0.75 a yard if you take 100 yards or $0.85 for less. 



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