Of Legos and Looms

First off, we owe a big thank you to the wonderful Deborah Chandler for sending us the wonderful link that became the germ of this BeWeave It. 

Ah, Legos. Some of us remember playing with these fondly as a child, and others think only of the pain of our bare feet stepping on a stray Lego. However you feel about these famous building blocks, this loom made with the brand’s technic bricks is sure to impress. If the loom looks complicated, that’s because it is. This colorful loom is completely mechanical. As you can see from this video, with the push of a button, mechanical arms push the shuttle back and forth through the shed.

Of course, if these fancy technic blocks are a bit too complicated, the man behind this blog has built a basic handloom using K’nex. Both the loom and fabric are simple, but we can imagine kids having great fun weaving up scarves for toys. This simple loom can also be upgraded to be at least semi-mechanical. The “inventor” also has this video of the same little loom upgraded with a Lego motor. It’s impressive to see the loom in action, and we here at BeWeave It headquarters absolutely love the little Lego “engineers” watching it go.

Have you ever built a loom from Lego, K’nex, or other toys? Write us about it at handwoven@interweave.com—we’d love to learn all about it!

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