New Year’s Reflections

As we inch our way closer and closer to 2017 it’s hard not to be introspective about the previous year and wonder and hope about what the new year will bring. This is true for me pretty much every year, but especially so now that I’m 7, going on 8, months pregnant. It’s the sort of impending life change that affects how you think about everything, about your past, your future, and yes, even your weaving.

I admit there was a point when I was overambitious, when I proudly proclaimed my grandiose plans of everything I was to weave and sew in anticipation. Then, of course, I experienced the joys of morning sickness (which can we all agree is a terrible name for something that lasts all day?) and first-trimester fatigue. During that time period weaving was the last thing on my mind and projects were put off and then put off again.

Now as I look toward 2017 I’m in the final stages of planning my baby’s blanket. I’ve picked out a soft, easy-to-wash yarn that has a sett of around 15 so I can spend less time bent over the loom sleying the reed and threading heddles (normally I love warping, but warping while pregnant is an entirely different beast). I just need to finalize the colors (I know! I know!) and order the yarn. I’ve settled on the draft and am doing the calculations so the end is, at least in sight.

I am looking forward to weaving the blanket and other baby items as well. Cozy towels for after bath time, sweet fabric for bibs, and possibly even some fun cloth for diapers. (I know the latter seems crazy, but I can’t help but think how sweet a baby would look with a little twill bum—and imagine how cute a matching diaper and bib would be! There will be waterproof lining and some sort of soaker keeping the handwoven cloth mostly safe, at least.)

There is no doubt in my mind that 2017 will be the Year of Baby for me, and also the year of Baby Weaving. Not only as I plan and weave special projects, but also as I figure out how to weave with baby (and if any of you have tips on weaving with a little one feel free to let me know them!).

And if you’ve done or planning to do any baby weaving we’d love to see it! Send it our way to with the subject line Baby Weaving 2017.

Happy New Year and Happy Weaving!

Featured Image: Christina has baby blankets on the brain for 2017. From Left: Sweet Honey in a Waffle Baby Blanket by Suzie Liles; Baby Blanket in M’s and O’s by Kathleen Farling; Spring Baby Blanket by Terry Newhouse Flynn.

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