New at this stuff!

We're over forty-eight hours into our official launch of Handwoven Weaving Today. Please don't tell Madelyn or Linda, but I didn't get a thing accomplished at the office on Wednesday. I kept monitoring the site to see if people were finding us, and you did! I kept referring to it as "our baby", and one of my coworkers thought I was talking about a grandchild. I just have this feeling the time is right for our craft to grow, and I feel momentum for weaving beneath my treadling feet.  It's kind of like that old song from the 70's, "I am weaver  hear me roar!"  Okay, I know it was "woman" but I hope our numbers do become "too big too ignore." My hope is that whether we weave with a rigid heddle, 4-shafts, 8-shafts, 32-shafts (did you see the woman in the Handwoven Gallery who is going from rigid heddle to 32-shafts??? ) that we can  raise our shuttles together as weavers .

This weekend, besides enjoying the exquisite ice-blue iris my husband is growing in the garden, I intend to put in some studio time and bug the mentor of the huck lace study group. I got a bit of a headstart and managed to complete a 4-shaft sampler and a warp for some scarves. The challenge for me will be to really understand what the threads are doing. Feel free to join me.

By the way, I know the woman from the Gallery and she is fine with my humor. Thanks Kathy! Smile  Stay warped and hey, upload some avatars!


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