10 Reasons You Need to Know How to Weave Rugs

Many times I have heard non-weavers say they want to learn to weave just to weave rugs. Handwoven rugs are strong and cozy, and I understand the sentiment. The idea that you can weave something as pretty and practical as a rug is compelling. Tom Knisely’s Weave a Good Rug Course is a good place to start learning about weaving rugs. I’ve watched it several times, and each time I’ve learned something new.

Knowing how to weave rugs is pretty special, and here’s why:

  • You can weave rugs that perfectly match your décor.
  • You can design rugs to fit specific spaces in your home.
  • Handwoven rugs can be woven thin, so they don’t get caught in the door. If you weave them too thin, they can just become a table runner. If you weave them too short, you have a placemat!
  • You can hem them if it’s a high-traffic area or fringe them for a more elaborate edge.
  • If your color choices don’t work like you thought they might, they’ll still work in the mudroom or on the back porch.
  • Rag rugs are a great way to use up that stash of fabric you bought when you were going to become a world-famous quilter.
  • Rag rugs offer the perfect hiding place for that fabric that’s the right color but the wrong design.
  • Whether it is weft-faced or warp-faced, you have to beat a rug hard. Having a rough day? Take it out on your rug.
  • Rugs tend to weave up quickly because the weft tends to be thicker than what is used in most projects.
  • Handwoven rugs are cool and unusual, and people notice them.
weave rugs

Tarn –nation Rug by Linda Silvern, Handwoven March/April 2014. Photo Credit: Joe Coca

If you are a weaver or non-weaver interested in weaving rugs, I advise you to first make sure you are familiar with typical weaving practices and then start learning to weave rugs with Weave a Good Rug. With good humor and charm, Tom walks you through all aspects of weaving different types of rugs from start to finish. For all of the reasons listed above and for the many I may have missed, you will be glad you learned to weave rugs.

Weave well,

Videos and courses can help you learn all types of weaving.

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