My Weave-Along: Don’t Try This at Home

OK, so today is August 2nd, one day after the Weave-Along ended, and I’m just starting to weave. What’s my problem!

Well, for one thing, I have new sympathy and respect for the contributors I contact for articles for Handwoven. I tell them to do some particular structure to make some particular item in luscious colors. When they send me something with a tiny threading error, a less than perfect selvedge, colors that don’t knock my socks off, am I understanding enough? Probably not.

I could have done better with my Weave-along if I had followed a few rules. Since these are rules I give my students, I am happy to see that they work. Next time I’ll do as I say.

Rule 1: Think through all steps before you start, making sure the yarn choices, weave structure, and planned warp and weft setts are compatible.
Rule 2: Make sure you have enough of the yarn to complete your project.
Rule 3: Pick the warping method that suits your yarns and draft and equipment.
Rule 4: Make a drawdown to be sure you have figured out the correct threading.
Rule 5: Count the heddles on each shaft.
Rule 6: Move the heddles you need to move before you start threading.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow any of these rules. Instead, I listened to one of my favorite refrains: "This should work." I used the wrong yarn, and then, when I changed to the right yarn, I discovered after I was almost finished winding the warp that I didn’t have enough. I chose my favorite warping method (front to back) without considering the draft I picked. With a supplementary warp, back to front is MUCH easier (I didn’t like the idea of threading from  two sets of lease sticks, but that would have been less hassle than threading from three sections of each tiny reed dent). Worst of all, I had a certain threading in my mind (and threaded it)  that turned out to be wrong.

So, the day after the Weave-Along ended, I am ready to go. If there’s anyone else out there still working on theirs, I would love to hear your story. Post photos (the good, the bad, the ugly) in the Weave-Along Gallery.


The photos below: Detritus (the yarn I didn't use); Threading (yuck); Winding on the ground warp with the supplementary warp out of the way (this worked well); Tying on the ground warp before beaming the supplementary warp; Both warps wound and ready; Starting to weave at last.

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