My new loom

Hello Weavers!


It is freezing here in Loveland! I walk to work and this morning when I was about half way to the office, I had to decide whether to return home or hurry to the office. Needless to say, I hurried (and I do mean hurried) to the office – after all, we are coming up on press day and I was already half way here. Not to mention, I like my job too!


This past weekend, we enjoyed really mild temperatures so Don got started on my pvc loom, and I wanted to share some of the photos and findings. First of all, the frame is built and it does feel quite solid. I didn't really pay attention to the dimensions and let me tell you, it is a substantial size. I don't know how long this cold snap will endure, but I'll be sure to update the progress. As you can see, he is working in the garage so weather is a big factor.

Be sure to check out Media Picks in the May/June issue of Handwoven for info on a new book on how to build one yourself.



Stay warped!  (and warm)



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