Moroccan Weavers on Tour

A Berber carpet being woven

In Morocco, rugs are more than just a cushy floor covering or something to help tie a room together; they serve as beds, furniture, and decoration. Berber carpets are colorful pieces of weaving covered in tribal symbols and abstract motifs. A single rug can take months of intricate weaving and knotting.


 Typically, a trip to North Africa would be the only way to see master Berber weavers at work, but currently a group of weavers are touring the United States giving demonstrations and workshops on their traditional techniques. Just as at home in Morocco, the weavers will be doing their work on a loom made from found wood––in this case, driftwood gathered from the banks of the Mississippi River. (How cool is that!) 


The weavers are currently in New Orleans and will later travel to Santa Fe, where they'll demonstrate at the International Folk Art Museum, and with future appearances in Boston, Massachusetts, and Nevada Mills, Indiana. While there’s no tour schedule online as yet, you can see a wonderful video of the women at work here

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