Metallic Yarns

Here’s a fun little tidbit you might want to consider if you’re weaving with metallic yarn as part of your holiday weaving (or just for fun)! Apparently, there’s actually a substantial amount of metal in those yarns. Enough, anyway, to set off a metal detector!

This runner is a great use for weaving metallic yarns.

The Copper River Runner is a great use for weaving metallic yarns.

We have it from a very reliable source that if you wear, say, a scarf or a sweater woven, knitted, or crocheted with metallic yarn while traveling, you are likely to be patted down top to bottom by airport security. Our source was, in fact patted down this summer on her way to TNNA!

Metallic yarns are so much fun to weave with, especially yarns like Kreinik metallic threads. They’re soft enough to maintain your drape, and work wonderfully as a supplementary warp or a pattern weft. For example, check out the Copper River Runner Kit, a gorgeous 6-shaft scarf that uses Kreinik metallic stitching thread as the supplemental warp for a turned overshot draft. I’m in love with this runner, and you won’t have to worry about airport security with it just adorning your holiday table!

Andrea Lotz

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