Meet the World's Oldest Yarn Bomber


  Image source: YouTube

You may have heard of "yarn bombing"–a type of street art in which the artist uses displays of brightly colored yarn rather than spraypaint. In fact, you may have even heard about it here, when we discussed the infamous street artist Hot Tea and his woven rainbow over a bridge in California. Now, Hot Tea has some stiff competition–recently, a 104-year-old woman helped yarn bomb several towns in Scotland, making her one of the oldest street artists in the world.

Grace Brett is a member of a knitting club dubbed the "Souter Stormers," who spent almost a year planning the "bombing" in secret. After covering 46 spots in the towns in detailed knit and crochet pieces, Brett humbly said she "thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included."


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