May/June 2010

May/June 2010
On Newsstands June 1, 2010

Designing with M's and O's
Page 54


Volume XXXI, Number 3


On the Cover:
Samples in Summer & Winter
Woven by Anne Dixon. See pages 38-39.


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And the Winner Is …
The Winning Entries in Handwoven's Not Just for Socks Contest

Study Groups Rock!
by Madelyn van der Hoogt

Go on a Treasure Hunt in your Weaving Library
Pillows by Kate-Lange McKibben, Placemats by Fran Moore, and Purses by Martha Tottenham

Exchange Napkins and Know-How in a Study Group
Napkins by Julie Hurd, Sandy Bragg, Janice Cook, and Lucy Stolt

Color Play in Summer & Winter
Samples by Anne Dixon

Samples Can Be Beautiful – Turn Yours into Heirloom Accessories!
Pillows by Anita Thompson

From Towels to Napkins to Samples – to You!
Napkins by Judith Yamamoto

Twelve Months, Twelve Weaves, Twelve Towels
by Karen Folland, with Towels by Ken Allen and Nancy Vaghy

Use Waffle Weave for a Thirsty, Cushy, Crinkly Bath Set
Towels and Washcloths by Sharon Alderman

Waffle Weave on a Rigid-Heddle Loom? Yes, You Can!
Runner by Kati Meek

Designing with M's and O's
Throw by Deborah Heyman

A New Look at Threading M's and O's
Baby Blankets by Kathleen Farling

Celebration of Life Scarf
by Su butler with Napkins by Natalie Furrey and Rebecca Fox

Weave a Bear – or a Whole Zoo!
Bear by Amy Preckshot

Mountain Colors Yarn


Worldwide Napkin Exchange
Page 58


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