March/April 2010

March/April 2010
On Newsstands March 23, 2010

Handwoven Two Luscious Silk Scarves
Celebration of Life Scarf
Page 60

Volume XXXI, Number 2

Velvet Rug On the Cover:
Stitched Doublecloth Tablerunner
Woven by Kate Lange-McKibben.
See pages 50–52.

Flower-Power Purses
Doubleweave Doubled,
page 62–64


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Endnotes: Jennifer Moore


by Madelyn van der Hoogt

4-Shaft, 4-Block Doubleweave for Winning Placemats
by Betty Bell

A Doublewide Blanket on a Mid-Size Loom
by Tom Knisely

A Stitch in Time
Stitched Doublecloth Runner by Sheila O'Hara

Deflected Doubleweave
Shawl by Mary Underwood

Weave a V-Shaped Scarf with Doubleweave
by Sally Kuhn

Doubleweave Colorplay for a Painterly Scarf
by Sarah Fortin

Padded Yoga Mat, Pillow, and Matching Carrier
by Suzie Liles

Weaving Backed Cloths
Table Runners by Kate Lange-Mckibben

Sunglasses Cases in Bedford Cord
by Doramay Keasbey

Rigid-Heddle Doubleweave
by Jane Patrick

Celebration of Life Scarf
by Letitia Rogers

Doubleweave Doubled
Checkers Game Set by Jennifer Moore

Weaving with Wool


Handwoven - A Peter Collingwood Draft for Scarves
Deflected Doubleweave
Page 38


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