Lovely Lliclla

Quechuan woman and children
Quechuan woman wearing a 
lliclla while spinning wool.
Photo by Peter van der Sluijs

If you haven’t entered Handwoven’s 2013 garment challenge “A Night on the Town” yet don’t fear; we’re accepting entries until March 15 so there’s still time to join in on the fun. And in honor of this year’s garment challenge and fun theme, here’s the first of a series of garment themed BeWeave Its.

For a Quechua woman living in the Andes, her night on the town outfit would probably include a lliclla. Also known as a manta, the lliclla is a square piece of woven cloth that covers the back and the shoulders. The lliclla is tied at the front or secured with a safety pin or a straight pin known as a tupu.

Lliclla’s are traditionally elaborately woven with wool in vibrant colors, and they are often layered. They serve not just to keep the wearer  warm in the chilly Andean air, they can also be used to carry small children or other cargo. 

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