Lovely Lace Market Bag

I love going to the farmers’ market. I’m lucky to live in a place where we have a large, year-round market where I can buy fresh produce, honey, sourdough bread, and the best red chile burritos in town. It’s more than just shopping, it’s an outing and so I always like to bring my prettiest reusable bags when I go.

When planning the 2018 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms we wanted to have more bags, and more beautiful bags. So naturally I thought of my stash of special bags reserved for the farmers’ market and our At the Market section was born. It was my dream that the section would include a good selection of market bags, bags that would be both beautiful and durable. Ones I’d be more than happy to add to my collection.

Market Bag

Deborah Jarchow’s Lovely Lace Market Bag is a delight to weave, easy to sew, and a joy to use.

Fortunately for me, our designers did not disappoint. Take Deborah Jarchow’s Lovely Lace Market Bag. It’s colorful and subtle—very earthy in a way—just like our local market. Deborah combined leno lace and plain weave to create a bag that looks delicate but in reality can easily handle your market haul. It’s elegant in its simplicity, and even better it is easy to weave on a rigid-heddle loom. Though leno lace is a hand-manipulated technique, it’s an easy one to master making this the perfect project for anyone wanting to learn leno.

For those nervous about the sewing aspect, don’t fret! Market bags are best when they’re simple, so the sewing on this bag is a snap for even the most beginning sewists.

If like me you love your local market and you want to make your trips there extra special, I do hope you’ll try weaving one the market bags featured in Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2018, and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Happy Weaving,

Featured Image: Close up of Deborah Jarchow’s Lovely Lace Market Bag.

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