Little Pond, 4 Shaft Scarf

And so continues my research to find out what makes a true crackle, crackle…

Having read the fabulous book 'Weave Classic Crackle & More' by Susan Wilson, I finally understood what makes crackle crackle.  Needless to say, upon designing my own, I altered the crackle just a little.

I started my exploration by combining various combinations of the crackle blocks.  After many hours of play I came up with a combination that pleased me.  At first I followed all of the rules, but wasn't quite happy with the 'flow' of the threads, so I made a few alterations.

With crackle you are to add 'incidentals' when changing non-consecutive blocks (Susan does a fantastic job explaining this process in her book).  However, I decided that I liked the look of my pattern more when I didn't add specific incidentals, it allowed for my pattern to have a more fluid movement.

I wove this series on my 4 shaft 24" Compact floor loom.  I used 2/16 tencel for the warp, and for some tried a 2/30 silk as weft which somehow balance quite nicely.


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