Little Looms 2019 Call for Submissions

We’re so excited to announce the call for submissions for the 2019 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms, the special issue of Handwoven devoted to small looms and the people who love them. We want to read your articles about weaving and see your projects for the rigid-heddle, pin, inkle, or tapestry loom.

Our theme for this issue is Place. For projects, we’re looking for weaving inspired by the mountains, the shore, or the city. Each section has its own palette as well as a Pinterest board associated with it where you can see what sorts of projects we’d like and the aesthetic we’re looking for, and you can also find previous issues here, here, and here.

The Mountains

For the Mountains project section, we’re looking for accessories you can wear while hiking the Appalachian Trail, textiles to take camping (or glamping), and household items such as dish towels that would look perfect in a rustic log cabin or pop-up camper. Items can also include textiles simply inspired by your favorite mountains. This might mean a tapestry of Mount Rainier or a table runner inspired by Rocky Mountain National Park in springtime.

The Shore

The Shore section is all about items inspired by trips to the beach, Jacques Cousteau documentaries, or even The Little Mermaid. We want to see your gorgeous handwoven beach accessories as well as linens and décor for the beach house of your dreams. Items might include purses, accessories, or even toys inspired by oceans, seas, lakes and other bodies of water, as well as the animals that lurk within, bags for toting everything to the beach, a set of napkins and matching placemats for your beach house, or a light shawl to wear when cruising the boardwalk at night.

The City

For about as long as there have been big cities, artists have found inspiration there. For our magazine, we want to see weaving inspired by your favorite metropolises. We’re looking for wearables inspired by cities such as New York City, Copenhagen, and Rio de Janeiro, as well as weaving to decorate your dream big-city apartment. Feel free to channel classic noir or modern city vibes.


A magazine is not built on projects alone, so we’re also looking for articles about weaving and weavers. These can be technical articles about specific techniques or structures, inspirational articles about design, or articles about specific weavers, weaving schools, or even weaving history. While they don’t have to be related directly to the theme of Place, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a tie-in!

Feeling inspired? Here are the next steps!

Here are our due dates for proposals and submissions:
Proposals Due (both projects and articles): 8/8/2018
Submissions Due: 10/3/2018

Proposals for both projects and articles should be emailed to (Please put the words Little Looms 2019 in the subject line.) Once your project proposal is accepted, you can mail it to:

Little Looms March/April 2019
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(800) 272-2193

Find documents and palettes to assist you in your proposals and submissions:

Happy Weaving!
The Handwoven Team

Featured Image: Deborah Bagley’s Which Way Market Bag.

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