We’d Rather Be Weaving: Little Looms 2017

Presenting Weaving with Little Looms 2017!

Looms seem to be multiplying in the Interweave office.

The knitters have rigid-heddle looms, the crocheters have pin looms, the creative director has a new tapestry loom, the publisher is learning inkle weaving.

It’s not just us, either! Weaving is busting out all over. The 2016 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms received such a warm welcome that another installment was as irresistible to create as a new set of dishtowels is to weave.

In addition to projects from dead-simple to positively adventurous, you’ll find articles that inspire your creativity, open your eyes, and expand your expectations of what your loom can do. Weavers, on your marks! We’ve got warps to wind and picks to pass. Let’s get weaving.

Happy weaving!
Christina Garton
Associate Editor, Weaving

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