Limitless, Loomless Weaving

Card weaving has always intrigued me since I say my first piece as the band trim of John Mullarkey’s Chaos vest from the September/October 2011 issue of Handwoven (which also happened to be the very first issue I worked on). I was mesmerized by the design on the band, and when I looked up card weaving I was shocked to learn it could all be done with nothing more than a set of square cards with holes cut in them. It was amazing that such complex patterns could come from simply turning cards.

TabletBlogSuch is the beauty of card weaving. The tools are so very simple—technically you don’t even need an inkle looms, although it does make things a bit easier—but the designs you can produce are astounding. Thought the patterns might look complex, they are at the same time not necessarily difficult. (As weavers know well to the untrained eye even a simple 4-shaft twill looks very difficult when we all know it’s just a matter of 1-2-3-4.)

So how do you go from oohing and ahhing over tablet weaving to a proper tablet weaver? Well, John Mullarkey, the man whose card-woven band I first fell in love with, has two wonderful videos out where he not only explains the whats and hows of card weaving, he also shows you. (If, like me, you don’t have access to John Mullarkey’s in-person workshops on a regular basis, his videos make a perfectly fine substitute—although if you can take a class from John you absolutely should!) John is an amazing teacher whether in person on film (or the digital equivalent) and an extraordinary weaver.

Right now both of John’s videos are available as part of a special Card Weaving Premium Collection, along with Candace Crockett’s classic book Card Weaving and a pack of 50 weaving cards—so it has everything you need to get started weaving wonderful bands.

Happy Weaving!


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