Life Saving Silk

Silk is truly wonderful. It feels delicious on the skin, has a lovely drape when woven, and can keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. It is equally beautiful when used for clothing, upholstery, or anything, really. There are many things to love about silk, and now it seems there may someday be a new reason to fall in love with this fabulous fiber. Scientists in Germany are currently working on ways to use Tasar silk, a variety of wild silk produced in India, to rebuild damaged heart tissue.


Scientists have been working on growing replacement tissue in the laboratory, but first needed a base on which to grow it. A variety of substances had been tried, but it was Tasar silk that has proved the most successful. The coarse texture helps the cells adhere to the surface, as do the silk’s proteins.


While there are already many reasons to sing the praises of silk, someday soon its role as a life saver may be added to the list.  

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