Lego Sheep

We’ve all heard of rigid heddles, but rigid sheep? No, I’m not talking about ovines in rigor mortis. Handwoven managing editor Pattie Graver has discovered a previously unknown breed: Lego sheep! Those clever folks from Denmark have come up with a game about the risks and rewards of shepherding. You can let the wool grow, shear your sheep, and trade sheep with other players. You can also send the very sinister and toothy Lego wolf to raid wool from other player’s flocks. (But I know our readers are all too nice to do that.)

lego block sheep

Rigid sheep will not provide yarn for your rigid heddle loom, but if you have kiddies on your list or want to give Santa a hint for your own stocking, the game is called Wild Wool, and you can learn how to play it right here.

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