Learning Old Skills with a New Medium

I am part of the generation that is referred to as “millennial.” I’m not entirely certain exactly what it’s supposed to mean, I feel like it sounds science-fictiony and that as a millennial I should have a hover board or perhaps a bionic eye. (Sadly, I have neither. Yet.)

While I would not want to label my entire generation, two trends I’ve noticed from my friends, coworkers, cousins, and acquaintances is the absolute embrace of technology coupled with a DIY ethos. So while we might have laptops, tablets, and other gizmos, we love to bake, can, spin, crochet, and (of course) weave.

We bake bread from scratch following recipes we look up on our tablets. We can our own food after watching videos online or taking online seminars on the subject. We’re no longer limited by local teachers, classes, or how-to books in our local library if we want to learn new skills or crafts. I’m currently learning tablet weaving with the help of John Mullarkey, via video workshop and I have many friends who learn new knitting and crochet techniques the same way (minus John Mullarkey, unfortunately).

This love of fast technology combined with slow crafts explains my love of Craft Daily. I can instantly stream over 300 videos on weaving, spinning, knitting, jewelry making, and so much more. All I need is an internet connection and I can watch Tom Knisely teach me about my loom or Madelyn van der Hoogt give me tips on weaving anywhere. I can even bring my tablet outside with my borrowed inkle loom and use it to stream John’s videos on tablet weaving.

If you’ve been considering trying out Craft Daily or if you’re just finding out about it now and have your interest piqued, Interweave has a deal for you. When you make a purchase in the Interweave Store now through June 30th, you will get a special promotion code in your confirmation email. Enter that code at CraftDaily.com when you subscribe to the site and you will receive a free 2 week trial. Use it to bulk up your weaving repertoire or learn something completely new.

Happy Weaving!

Christina Garton


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