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I’ve learned through experience that New Year’s resolutions are more successful when they are positive rather than punitive. I’ve also come to realize that my go-to favorite, “lose 10 pounds,” is starting to ring a bit hollow. These days I make my resolutions about having fun and learning something new, not because I have to, but because I want to.

A couple of years ago, my resolution was to learn to make kumquatcello and mixed-citrus marmalade. We were having a bumper citrus crop in California; it seemed like a good idea, and it turned out to be a good idea. One of my friends told me he ate the marmalade straight out of the jar, no need for toast (sort of like how I enjoy Nutella, which might explain that whole 10 pounds thing). The kumquatcello never made it into gift bottles—it was too delicious to share.

This year, my resolution is to finally learn pin loom weaving and card weaving. I self-identify as a floor loom/structure weaver with the occasional foray into rigid heddle weaving, but I’m traveling a lot right now for pleasure and work, and I want to take some weaving with me. I’m starting this resolution with card weaving in March.

inkle loom kit

Here is my strategy:

  1. Pack John Mullarkey’s two DVDs, Tablet Weaving Made Easy and Double-Faced Tablet Weaving, in my carry-on.
  2. Watch the videos on the plane between my home in California and my job in Colorado.
  3. Take notes, because I tend to learn better when my hands are busy.Inkle loom side view
  4. Slip the pack of twenty-five cards that comes with the Just Add Thread The Ultimate Card Weaving Kit, a knife-edge shuttle, and three colors of cotton thread into my suitcase.
  5. Give card weaving a whirl; or rather, turn the cards and make a band. I think I’m going to love it. I’ve previewed the first video, so I know how beautiful the bands can be, and the whole concept of card weaving intrigues me.
  6. When I’m back home, use an inkle loom to hold my warp and weave a second band.
  7. Weave a third band that has a purpose (even if that purpose is being a bookmark).

I don’t think it’s ever too late to make a resolution to try something new. Even if learning card weaving wasn’t on your mind New Year’s Eve, make it a mid-year resolution and learn to turn cards to weave a beautiful band with the Just Add Thread card weaving kit.

Weave well,

Featured Image: Sliced citrus fruits background (grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime). Getty Images.

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