Laurie Herrick

Pacific Northwest artist Laurie Herrick took inspiration from nature to weave tapestry and fabrics that ranged from representational to op art. An exhibit running through July 30, 2011, at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon, celebrates the work of this remarkable designer and craftswoman.Some of Herrick's works, such as The River, are picturesque, and others, such as Green Op, give an eye-popping illusion of depth in the woven surface. You can see a video tour of the exhibit in this Oregon Art Beat review.


Laurie Herrick also taught at Oregon College of Art and Craft and mentored many weavers in her long career. She is remembered by a student from later in her life as "a cheery little lady who just knew everything." Wouldn't she have been a fun person to have on a weaving retreat?

By Pam Patrie, part of her work
as an artist-in-residence
at the Herrick exhibit.
It glows in the dark!

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