Laura Bryant’s Stuff

One of Laura Bryant's yarn products is also a great mother/daughter story. Like every yarn dyer, Laura has "tons" of leftover yarn. About ten years ago, she and her mother saw a cute sweater made of random stripes. “My mom said, ‘You could take that apart, measure all the yarns exactly, and tie them together so every knitter could make the same sweater.’ And as I’m telling her all the reasons it wouldn’t work, my brain is thinking ‘Maybe that would be OK if all the knots didn’t end up in the same place.’ We made up some tests, and it turned out neat.” The new yarn proved wildly successful at the next show, but they walked around asking themselves “What should we call this wild stuff?” And "Stuff" was the name that stuck.


  Laura Bryant's stuff yarn  
  A rainbow of Stuff  

Laura says when weavers use Stuff, some tuck the knots neatly to the back, some weave them in and get a textured look, and some pull the tails to the front and let the tassels become part of the design, even adding beads. Laura loves that. As with her color approach, she says, “It’s meant to be a beginning place.”

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