Lacy Kitchen Curtains

One of the (many) reasons I love weaving for my home is because it’s so easy to adjust projects to fit. Have an extralong or extrashort table? Just adjust the warp length for your runner accordingly! Have a unique couch in your living room? You can easily weave up custom, coordinating throw pillows. Need a set of curtains for your kitchen windows? Weave up a set that fits perfectly! For Mary Berry’s Lacy Kitchen Curtains from the November/December 2018 Handwoven, that means Brooks bouquet curtains woven on a rigid-heddle loom. Here’s what Mary has to say about her design:

Lacy Kitchen Curtains

Mary Berry’s Lacy Kitchen Curtains get their lovely lacy look from Brooks bouquet.

Designer Mary Berry’s Statement

When I moved into a new house recently, I wanted curtains over the kitchen window that would provide a bit of privacy and also let the sunshine in. A set of lacy handwoven curtains seemed to be the perfect answer, but there was just one problem: my loom isn’t wide enough to weave panels that would cover my window. My solution? Weave multiple panels instead of the customary two!

Weaving custom curtains for your kitchen is such a fun and easy project! Whether you weave Mary’s project or design something uniquely you, I hope you weave something wonderful!

Happy Weaving!

Project at a Glance

PROJECT TYPE: Rigid-heddle loom.

STRUCTURE: Plain weave and Brooks bouquet.

EQUIPMENT: Rigid-heddle loom, 18″ weaving width; 12-dent heddle; 1 shuttle.

YARNS: 5/2 pearl cotton (2,100 yd/lb; UKI).

OTHER SUPPLIES: Coordinating sewing thread; grosgrain ribbon.

Featured Image: Mary Berry’s curtains are gorgeous woven as is, or they can be easily modified to fit your home and windows.

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