The Knotty Knitters Made a Giant Canadian Flag

“If we’re sittin’, we’re knittin’,” goes the motto of the Knotty Knitters, a group spanning 19 retirement communities in Ottowa, Canada. As a contribution to Canada 150 celebrations this summer, the communities came together to knit a giant 13-by-17-foot-tall Canadian flag.

Christine O’Grady, the group’s community relations manager, wanted to do something in celebration of Canada 150. She also wanted to bring various communities of Knotty Knitters together to show their patriotism and work on a project. Group members each knitted parts of the flag in squares, both on their own and in groups over tea and snacks. The squares were then sewn together by O’Grady’s aunt Jeanne Gauthier, the official seamstress of the flag.

OTTAWA, ON - JULY 01:  General atmosphere during Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill on July 1, 2017 in Ottawa, Canada.  (Photo by Mark Horton/Getty Images)

Canada Day celebrations took place at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on July 1, 2017. Photo by Mark Horton/Getty Images.

The flag was presented to Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson at a seniors’ breakfast on Canada Day this year, and the group also plans to submit the flag to Guinness World Records as the largest knitted flag.

The Knotty Knitters spend most of their time knitting for charity, and some of their past projects include making hats for premature babies and sleeves for patients attached to intravenous tubes, donating finished items to Ottawa Hospital.

From helping the sick to letting their patriotism fly high, the Knotty Knitters are full of love and the spirit of giving. There’s no telling what the crafty crew will do next!

Jenna Fear

Featured Image: Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in July. Canadians showed their patriotism in many ways across the country. Photo by Monam/Pixabay.

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