Knitting in Miniature

In honor of Weaving Today’s guest writer—and fabulous knitter—Karen Brock, this BeWeave It has a knitted theme.

As weavers, we tend to pay more attention to the textiles used in films than most people. (Admit it: how many of you are looking forward to The Hobbit as much for the woven clothing as for the plot?) If the stop-motion film Coraline had you wondering how on earth they managed to find such small knitted gloves and sweaters for the puppets, this BeWeave It is for you.

According to the costume designer Deborah Cook, all the garments seen in the film were specially made, most with pre-bought fabric. Some of the knitted pieces, however, were handmade by miniatures knitter Althea Crome. In this video, you can see Althea in action making a sweater using some truly tiny knitting needles. According to Althea's website (appropriately named Bugknits), when she knits glvoes and mittens she uses stainless steel wires so thin she can knit 80 stitches to an inch. 

As if that weren’t impressive enough, Althea just got into nano-knitting 1:144-scale cardigans. These tiny sweaters are small enough to fit on the face of a dime. Bet they're cute as a bug's ear!

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