Kerry’s Current UFO on World UFO Day

It’s World UFO Day! To the masses, that might mean looking to the sky for alien life, but in the fiber world we all know UFO stands for something a bit different: UnFinished Objects!

Kerry UFO

I have a beaut of a UFO on my loom. First, the project backstory: I’m a new weaver. My rigid-heddle loom was a birthday gift from my family. They bestowed it this past February because I got so excited working on Liz Gipson’s book, Handwoven Home. The moment I finished putting the loom together, I warped it with the nearest skein of yarn within reach, Spun Right Round’s SW Sock 80/20 in the Reaper’s Rags colorway. My last FO, the Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry, required 7 skeins in different colors, and I had about ¾ of a skein left over of the last color used.

Kerry UFO

Along with that skein of Reaper’s Rags, I have 6 other partial skeins from that shawl to use up as well. So I decided that a simple weave scarf, shifting weft colors through those 6 skeins, would be a great first project. I’ve woven my way through 2 of those 6 colors so far and I’m in love. I enjoy weaving a few inches on rainy days when the family piles on the couch watching movies. With the weather we’ve been having this summer, I think I’ll quickly turn this weaving UFO into an FO in no time!

What’s currently on your loom?

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Featured Image: Kerry’s Weaving UFO on World UFO Day

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