Joyful Diversity

Tradition . . .  
and innovation.  
Friends, old and new.  

Sometimes we see things more clearly at a distance, and this is certainly true of an event like Convergence. Being there was such a swirl of sights, people, and ideas, it’s only now that my impressions are coming into focus, and what I see is the joyful diversity of our weaving community.

I see Antonia from the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco and Laverne Waddington weaving on backstrap looms and Melody Ruth demonstrating the latest computer-driven Jacquard technology.

I see weavers (me included) buying new weaving software but still going home with armloads of beautiful books (or wish lists, when the suitcase space ran out).

I see the fashion show and galleries full of bright, imaginative adornments for body, home, and soul. Wouldn’t life be better if we could all walk in that kind of beauty every day?

And I see the world of textiles that came to the marketplace in Albuquerque, from Navajo weavings to antique Indonesian textiles, silk from Japan, backstrap masterpieces from the Andes, Bedouin bridal dresses, and ethnic clothing from China.

Along with the joy of diversity, Convergence reinforced for me the joy of community. The people who stopped by our booth were so happy to be with other weavers, immersed in doing and seeing and talking about what they love. Check out this video of weavers from Peoria saying “Hi” to their friends, or this one of Betty Davenport talking to one of her readers, or this one with a fashion tip from Jennifer Moore. (And if you want to see more video postcards from Convergence, you can find them on my blog at A gathering like Convergence really brings home what curious, passionate, friendly people weavers are. No wonder I never met a weaver I didn’t like!


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