"Joseph" Shawl of Many Colours

The "Joseph" shawl is named after the many, many, many colours in it.  It is made with over 25 yarns.  I was inspired by a shawl knit as a knit-along by a local yarn shop — in the shawl, multiple bands of colour swirl together.  I wanted to see if I could do something like it on a loom.  Given that it was an experiment, I attempted it with acrylic — didn't want to use my wool, cotton, or silk! However, it's a really great stashbuster, a good way to use up odds and ends of yarn which may be laying about!

I wove it in a tapestry like format, something like this (X denotes weaving, | denotes bare warp)

|||||X ||||XX |||XXX ||XXXX |XXXXX XXXXXX |XXXXX ||XXXX |||XXX ||||XX |||||X 

(unfortunately the pre tag didn't work quite right — better pictures can be seen here)

The biggest difficulty lay in keeping the tension right for the part of the warp which was empty.  It didn't help that I lost track of where I was and unwound it to get the size 😉

Finished, it is 63" long by 31" wide.

Next time I weave a shawl like this, I think I may use a Navajo loom or a weighted warp.  Nevertheless, it was very nifty, and I've had requests for other items woven in this style. You can see pictures of a scarf here.

All of the butterflies and colour changes mean that it's very intensive in terms of the hand manipulation and time, but there's something very freeing and meditative just being able to concentrate on the interplay between colour and texture.

The shawl is modeled by my assistant (and daughter) Althea (6).

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