January/February 2011

January/February 2011
The Meaning of Cloth

Page 80, Stash to Shroud


Volume XXXII, Number 1

Page 46, Doubleweave Bookmarks


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The Meaning of Cloth
Carol Ventura, Laverne Waddington, Cynthia Samake

Say It with Cloth!
Jennifer Corwin, Tien Chiu, Beth Guertin, Barbara Morse, Mary Jane Svenson, Katrina King, Anita Luvera Mayer

Handwoven Tablecloths: a Family Tradition
By Rita Hagenbruch

Weaving My Heritage
Tartan Jacket by Linda Davis

Vest Design Inspired by a Hindu Toran
By Sarah Jackson

Waffle-Weave Baby Blanket
By Suzie Liles

Pick-Up Pattern: Five Techniques
Doubleweave Bookmarks by Doramay Keasbey

A Weaver's Take on Prayer Flags
Doubleweave Hangings by Linda Arndt

Say It with Diversified Plain Weave
Scarves by Laura Fry

Inspiration from Kente Cloth
Table Runner by Tom Knisely

Huichol Lightning Towels
By Connie Childs Elliott

Say It with an Apron!
By Tracy Kaestner

This Loom Loves …

Page 44, Waffle-Weave Baby Blankets


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