It’s handwoven, exceptional, and enduring!


Hello Weavers,


Take a look here. Yup! That is handwoven cloth being used to cover restaurant equipment in an outdoor kitchen. I stumbled upon this while on vacation, and I mentioned to a hotel staff member that they were using handwoven cloth to protect their BBQs and counters. (I'm sure I seemed ridiculous, but as a weaver I know you understand.) I was politely told that they were old table cloths and had been around for years.  


At first I was aghast, but as time passes, I think about how many times those table cloths went through the laundry and how many spills they must have soaked up. I think about all of the secrets they absorbed from the different people who spoke of their joys, sorrows, and secrets while sharing a meal. How wonderful that this exceptional cloth got used and yet endures!



Even though they have been replaced by new table cloths, I still got to admire them and feel kindred with the special person who made them. I got to thinking about how wonderful it is that this cloth is being used; it's not tucked away in a drawer waiting for a "someday" that never arrives.


Do you have handwoven items that are "too good" to use? I think I'll start using those special handwoven towels given to me by my friend Ellen. I can't think of a better way to compliment another weaver.


Stay warped!



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