Ironing Tips from the Masters

In honor of Pattie’s pressing prowess, here are some ironing tips from the masters:

The Whirlpool Institute of Home Science says you should never, ever iron in circular strokes or you’ll end up stretching the fabric. TLC Home has this energy and time-saving tip: Cut your ironing time by putting a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect heat so you’re actually ironing from both sides at once. Life123 celebrates the zen of ironing: “Position your ironing board in a spot where you can see out a window and rest your mind. Put some soothing music on so you can listen and enjoy the smells of warm, clean clothes.”

My favorite, though, is from The first step in successfully ironing your clothes is making sure you have the right tools for the job.You’ll need a good iron, a hard surface to iron on, and some spray starch. . . Simply lay the garment down flat on the ironing board and spray the starch onto it from at least a foot away before you begin. . . Before even whipping out your iron, make sure your clothes are in tiptop shape because ironing a dirty shirt could permanently set stains into the fabric.

So, get the right tools, safety first, and think before you whip out your iron. Truly, words to live by.

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