Inch by Inch, Row by Row

"Gonna make this garden grow. Gonna mulch it deep and low, gonna make it fertile ground."



I love this song, a Pete Seeger classic, because it expresses the hope and determination with which we plant seeds. It's gardening season, and as I work in the ground (or mud, due to a wet spring here in the Pacific Northwest), I sometimes hum this to myself, and think of the rich harvest that rain and sun and careful tending will bring.


The soggy view from my studio




Blooming inspiration



This year, I am also looking forward to a rich harvest of ideas and relationships that will grow as you plant your seeds on this community web site. We hope we've provided fertile ground. (I am mostly in charge of mulch. Composting isn't always pretty, but someone has to do it.)  We've tried to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where every weaver can find a home. Slow, fast, art, production, on-loom, off-loom, yarney or techie, we hope you will find and connect with kindred spirits here.




So what will you plant here? A bouquet of rosepath? A patch of summer-and-winter squash? Perhaps a whole rainbow of weaving delights. (For a balanced fiber diet, beat your colors.) Please bring and share not only your blooming triumphs and bright ideas, but also the projects that didn't go as planned, because those precious "growth experiences" also enrich the brain. (GEs are my personal specialty. Queen of brain-mulch!) To help avoid repeating growth experiences, you can also consult with our "master gardeners," the wonderful weavers who are mentors for each of our Handwoven study groups.




A "growth experience" being unwoven

One of my great joys in writing Weaving Weekly is that many of you write back. I wish I could share every one of your stories and insights. But now you can share them directly, so chat amongst yourselves. Inch by inch, and row by row, you'll help this community grow. As my co-editor and friend Pattie Graver would say, "Raise your shuttles" and dig in!

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