"I Made That!"

  Growing up in the Southwest, I was surrounded by patterns such as this one. Photo credit: The Museum of Natural and Cultural History at University of Oregon.

ed_gina Gina Kuzmick
Online Editor, Weaving Today

You may have seen my name pop up from time to time on Weaving Today, but I haven’t yet taken the time to formally introduce myself. So hello! I’m a new online editor for Weaving Today, and I’m really excited to be here.

I’ll be honest with all of you—my personal experience with weaving is extremely limited (read: I’ve never woven anything in my life). However, I’ve always had a fascination and respect for handwoven objects.
Growing up in Arizona, I became enchanted by the bold geometry and bright, colorful patterns of the Southwest at an early age. My mother decked out our first home with enormous Navajo-influenced rugs and tapestries, and I recall having great respect for those who created such objects by hand. So much time, effort, and creativity go into weaving, and it must be so awesome to finish a project and say, “Yeah, I made that!”
While I haven’t yet had the opportunity to weave, I have had the chance to feel that sense of satisfaction. Whether it’s cooking a homemade meal or completing a random Pinterest project (I made my own headboard and I’m still proud of it), it’s so fun to create something from scratch. I can’t wait to try weaving and get a taste for what all of you experience; perusing through back issues of Handwoven has been so inspiring. If you have any advice for a novice weaver, please let me know!
Happy Weaving,


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