Huichol Lightning Blanket

This pattern is from the article called "Huichol Lightning Towels" in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Handwoven magazine.  I was going to make dishtowels but after I got started I decided to make a light summer throw instead.  I love the pattern!  It was easy to weave and looks great.  I used two different shades of 12/2 cotton set at 30 epi.  I made a 6 yard warp and marked every 12 inches of weaving until I had 6 feet woven on the loom.  I made two panels this size and sewed them together on my sewing machine.  (It's a little unconventional, but it's a nice robust seam!)  The finished size after washing is 60" by 44", not including the 4" of super cool swaying fringe on each side.  It is just perfect for those cool early summer evenings.

To see the whole process, visit my blog here!


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