Huck Lace – Flo – An all cloth doll wearing her Huck Lace dress

     I enjoy designing and creating my own cloth art dolls and weaving the fabric for their clothes.  Flo is 20" tall and is wearing a green and orange dress woven in Huck Lace that I wove on my 8 shaft Voyager table loom.  Our study group, the N.W. Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas, decided that we wanted to study Huck Lace along with Handwoven's Study Group.  Since the month of March is St. Patrick's Day and the flag of Ireland is green, orange and white, I decided to use two of these colors in my weaving.  I threaded my loom with 10/2 pearl cotton in green sett at 24 e.p.i. using a 12 dent reed and wove the skirt part of her dress with 10/2 pearl cotton in orange and the blouse part of her dress in the same green as the warp.

     I love to needle felt so I needle felted her head using Romney fleece.  I named this doll after my mother who had beautiful white hair.

     I took my weaving pattern for her dress from two sources.  The first was from "Handwoven"- January-February 2006 pages 44-47 by Lynn Tedder.  Her article is called "Learn with a Sampler in Linen and Huck Lace".  The other source is from "The Best of Weaver's Huck Lace" pages 12-15, by Ruth Morrison.  Her article is called a "Huck Pattern Book".  My treadling came from the "Handwoven" issue, Pattern 3, page 47.

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