More Fun than a Steam Iron – Holiday Gift Ideas for Weavers to Make and Give

A first Christmas with the in-laws can lead to unexpected surprises. We all grow up with a set of traditions, then we spend the holidays with the spouse’s family and they’ve got a different way of doing things. For instance, on the Christmas after my husband and I got married, my new in-laws gave me a steam iron. I pride myself on being able to compose my face fairly quickly, but I struggled that morning. My family’s tradition of giving fun and frivolous gifts hadn’t prepared me for something useful and practical. If I had paid more attention prior to that, I would have noticed that one brother-in-law got attic stairs that day, and another received sheetrock. My mother-in-law, who is a thoughtful person, had heard me say I worried about forgetting to turn off my iron, and since automatic shut-off irons had just become popular, she picked out the perfect gift for me. (Okay, almost perfect.)

Today I like gifts that are both practical and fun. As the recipient, that includes just about any weaving equipment or supplies that I want or need: books and videos, versatile yarns in lovely colors, or a special kit that has haunted my dreams. As the giver, I like to make practical and fun items like handwoven towels and scarves. These 2 ideas came together in our Holiday Gift Ideas for Weavers. Whether you’re buying for other weavers, or gently educating non-weavers about the gifts you prefer, we can help.

Explore Interweave’s large collection of books, including a complete set of books on dyeing, to start or enhance someone’s weaving library. We’ve grouped them to help you pick the best ones for a beginning weaver but you might also check out my top ten list all weavers should have in their library. Encourage a would-be weaver with a rigid-heddle or inkle loom and some yarn. (Maybe someday you’ll get a gift made on that loom!) Kits are a great way to practice new techniques, for new weavers and experienced folks alike.


Inkle loom

Are you a weaver with a long list of gifts to make? Choose one of the patterns from our selection and weave multiple projects on one warp. Or treat yourself to a kit for towels or scarves. You get the fun of weaving and then you get to give one of the nicest gifts I can think of—something handwoven.

While that steam iron from my mother-in-law is long gone, I realize now it was a gift from the heart. May we all give and receive such gifts.

Weave well,

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