Handwovens That Say “Welcome To Thanksgiving”

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and I like to dive into it wholeheartedly. I love cooking a meal for friends and family, decorating the house for the occasion, and yes, sitting down and eating too much of one of my favorite meals. Last year my nephew and his new wife visited over the long weekend. They live in Japan but happened to be in the United States. Ken has been to Thanksgiving dinners before, but it was a first for Yuriko. I had to laugh when I saw her gravitate to the kitchen island when the turkey came out of the oven and even steal a few pieces of crispy skin. I guess some things are universal. She was all about the leftover pie for breakfast and the Dagwood sandwich the day after. In other words, she was the perfect Thanksgiving guest.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, with a menu to help Yuriko navigate the meal. Photo credit: Yuriko Ichimura

I’ve already started inviting people to our house for Thanksgiving this year. There are the usual suspects who have joined us for many years running, but I also try to find people who might be alone that day and invite them. It’s less about the perfect table than about being together and sharing a meal. That said, every year as the date approaches, I wish I had an autumn-themed runner for the table, kitchen towels that shout “Fall,” or new handwoven napkins. With a little bit of discipline and maybe a purchase of some yarn, I plan on weaving at least one of those items for this year’s celebration. Several of the projects in Handwoven Presents: Autumn Weaving Pattern Pack should fit the bill.


Close up of Rita Hagenbruch’s Halvdräll Runner Photo credit: Joe Coca

In particular, I want to weave the Towels in M’s and O’s towels by Kathleen Farling. They might not shout “Fall,” but they certainly say it. M’s and O’s is one of my favorite weave structures and, based on a survey of my yarn stash, 8/2 cotton is one of my favorite yarns. If I have time, the Halvdräll Runner by Rita Hagenbruch would look great on my table with the china we inherited from my husband’s great-grandmother. I’ve never woven Halvdräll which is (I think) a form of damask, and would like to try it. The lovely Shadow Weave napkins and matching runner by Sarah Fortin will probably have to be put off until next year as I’ve got a meal to plan.


Napkins and runner from Shadow Weave for Many Projects on One Warp. Photo credit: Joe Coca

I’m going to miss having Yuriko at our house this year. It was fun having a partner in crime hovering around the kitchen while the turkey was being carved. I’m going to send her one of the towels and remind her that she is always welcome to share Thanksgiving with us.

Weave well,

Featured Image: Towels in M’s and O’s by Kathleen Farling Photo credit: Joe Coca

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