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by Liz Gipson

When weaving expert Liz Gipson moved into a new house on New Year’s Day in 2015, she found herself with a lot of space to fill and a lot of inspiration to fill it. The new home was a blank canvas, and her new goal was to have a handwoven item of her own creation in every room. She also recognized the benefit of having goods she made for herself; no towel is too long when you choose its dimensions, and you can choose just the right colors to match the scheme of any room.

In Handwoven Home, her newest book, you will learn how to make what you want how you want it. In this book, Gipson embarks on a journey to create many different but equally striking designs for all parts of the home. Gipson shares twenty-one rigid-heddle projects for the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. No longer are household linens only for big, multishaft looms; the author brings new opportunities to rigid-heddle weavers, and the detailed introductions on yarns and tips for weaving within the book make it a perfect resource for beginning weavers and an excellent reference material for weavers with more experience.

Gipson’s conversational style and the beautiful project photography perfectly convey her own inspiration and lend that inspiration to readers as well. The book is divided into sections based on parts of the home, making it both easy to navigate and enjoyable to read. With projects of different types, varying materials, and differing techniques, there is something in Handwoven Home that weavers of any skill level can appreciate.

—Jenna Fear

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