Handwoven September/October 2012

September/October 2012
2012 Garment Challenge Winners

Kasuri Dragonflies Vest
Judilee Fitzhugh 


A Child's Sleeveless Coat
Marcia Kooistra


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Weaving to Wear
Tien Chiu, Karen Donde, Elisabeth Hill, Yvonne Stahl, Teena Tuenge and Sara Goldenberg White.

Caring for Handwoven Textiles
Laura Fry

Designing Fabrics to Wear
Sharon Alderman

Dressing Square
John Mullarkey and Hazel Spencer


Kasuri Dragonflies Vest
Judilee Fitzhugh

Bark Cloth Vest
Teena Tuenge
8-Shaft draft
16-shaft WIF file

Raveling Plaid Dress
Sara Goldenberg White

A Simple, Silky Shirt
Catherine Alter

My Favorite Things Vest
Janette Meetze

Stash Vest
Deborah Jarchow

Diamond Vest
Jessica Madsen

Inspired Vest
Yvonne Stahl

Bubble Wrap
Karen Donde

A Child's Sleeveless Coat
Marcia Kooistra

Chocolate Chef's Apron
Elisabeth Hill

Green and Gold Bracelet: Exploring Kumihimo Wire Jewelry
Giovanna Imperia

A Simple, Silky Shirt
Catherine Alter


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