Handwoven November/December 2014


November/December 2014
Plain With a Plus!

Winter Sky V-Shawl
Suzi Ballenger



Doctor Who-Inspired Scarf
Katrina King and Dave Lawrence


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Warp Painting with a Twist Elda Kohls
Elda Kohls uses stenciling to produce elegant ikat effects and other surface designs.


The Weaver of Echo and Iris Marion Marzolf
An intimate visit with the author, weaver, and colorist Marian Stubenitsky.


Tabby by Any Other Name • Madelyn van der Hoogt
In her inimitable prose, Madelyn takes us on a whirlwind tour of weaving language.

Weaving to Learn: A Visit with Jane Stafford Diane Palme
Diane Palme extolls the gifts of a weaving retreat with an extraordinary teacher.


Weaving as Self Expression Jenny Pelc
SAORI teacher Jenny Pelc uses weaving to mark life passages for friends and loved ones.


Idea Gallery: A Thread of Drama Ann Durham and Sally Eyring
Two weavers trick out their looms to create dimensional textiles.

Traditions: The Heart of the Swedish Band-Weaving Tradition • Susan J. Foulkes
Through the efforts of visionary 19th-century educators and crafters, a joyful folk tradition is preserved for today’s weavers.

Yarn Lab: Double Your Fun Christina Garton
Deflected doubleweave is an endlessly fascinating structure for experimenting with yarns and color.




Winter Sky V-Shawl • Suzi Ballenger

Striped Napkins with Pick-Up • Susan E. Horton

Rose and Compass Napkins Karen Tenney

Lovely Linen Fingertip Towels • Suzie Liles


Overshot Flowers Runner Diane Carpentier

Circle Shawl • Sara Goldenberg White


Fringe Benefits Tunic • Sarah H. Jackson


Doctor Who-Inspired Scarf Katrina King and Dave Lawrence

Fields of Color Rep Mats Joanne Tallarovic

3-D Band Ornaments Judith Yamamoto

Traditions: Baltic Heart Tea Towels with Matching Hanging Tabs Susan J. Foulkes


Lovely Linen Fingertip Towels
Suzie Liles



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