Handwoven November/December 2012

November/December 2012
Embellish and Adorn


Snowflake Runner
Lyn Lucas 


Stormy Night Vest
Charlene Kolb


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Quick Gifts to Weave and Embellish
Alison Irwin and Rosanne White

The Only Three Stitches You'll Ever Need
Anita Luvera Mayer

Thoroughly Modern Inlay
Robyn Spady

Imagine, Embellish, Co-Create
Genie Stewart and Celia Stapleton


Snowflake Runner
Lyn Lucas

Starlight e-Textile Runner
Lynne Bruning

Cream Cake Cushions
Gisela von Weisz

Bertha's Towels
Pattie Graver

Tablets and Twill Shawl
Ellen LaBruce

Crested Butte Purse
Helen Bressler

Voie Royale Muff
Antoinette Roy

Peekaboo Rep Rug
Karla Stille

Stormy Night Vest
Charlene Kolb

Squares Within Squares Top
Sarah H. Jackson

Nifty Nook Bag
Pat Zimmerman

QR Code Bag
Michael Cook

Cream Cake Cushions
Gisela von Weisz


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