Handwoven May/June 2015

May/June 2015
Texture in Weaving

Parrot Plumage Crimped Scarf

Dianne Totten



Tropical Seas Scarf
Beth Mullins


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Texture in Weaving • Sara Goldenberg
From a fine art piece to a garment, materials can be the impetus for your work.

Shifu for the Earth and You Yoko Arai
Shifu, Japanese cloth woven from paper, dyes well, is comfortable, and is easy on the earth

In Search of Fiber Excellence • Marilynn Cowgill and Jill Graham
Two fiber artists share their experiences in working toward the HGA Certificate of Excellence.

Notes from the Fell: A Space of My Own and a Loom With a View • Tom Knisely
No matter the size of your studio or loom collection, there are loom and rooms just right for you.

Idea Gallery: Weaving Origami Susie Taylor
One weaver pushes the dimensional limits of the shapes that can be woven on a loom.

The Show Towel: A Pennsylvania German Tradition • Tom Knisely
Cloth and courtship amongst the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Yarn Lab: A Question of Fulling • Robin Lynde
Robin takes Imperials Stock Ranch yarn for a spin–in the washing machine!


Parrot Plumage Crimped Scarf • Dianne Totten

Shaggy Travel Tote • Sarah H. Jackson

Grassland Journal Covers • Patricia Morton (Learn how to weave them on a rigid-heddle loom here.)

Tropical Seas Scarf • Beth Mullins

Snakeskin Scarf • David Wismar

Danish Rosette Towels • Elisabeth Hill

Honeycomb Beaded Pillows • Deborah Heyman

Playing With Blocks Waffle-Weave Towels Jodi Ybarra

Classic Capelet Judy Pagels (Excerpted from Simple Woven Garments by Jane Patrick and Sara Goldenberg)

Hula Hoop Rug for Kids Haley Pierson-Cox

Kid's Woven Necklace Jennifer Lee

Traditions: Pennsylvania Show Towel Tom Knisely

Shaggy Travel Tote
Sarah H. Jackson






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