Handwoven May/June 2014

May/June 2014
Designing at the Loom


Pinwheels Redux Napkins
Christina Garton



Zigzag Scarf
Deborah Jarchow


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Why Weaving is Not Like Life Linda Ligon
Life, Handwoven, the universe, and everything, by the lady who started it all.

Improvising at the Loom Tien Chiu
Block weaves offer fertile ground for improvising with profile drafts.

Sampling by Design • Diane Palme
How to multiply the results from your sampling experiments.

Warping with a TrapezeMelodie Usher
This handy helper makes for perfect warping, even when putting on a long warp by yourself.

Loom Friendly Krokbragd: Designing in Boundweave Nancy McRay
Whether on floor looms or rigid-heddle, krokbragd invites us to play with color and pattern.

Idea Gallery: In Praise of Gamps Amanda Cutler and Susan Horton
An epic store of production gamping, and why a gamp is worth a thousand words.

Traditions: The Bauhaus and Anni Albers Marilynn Cowgill
In fourteen short years between the world wars, a school of design arose in Germany that was to influence the worlds of art and textiles for generations. .

Yarn Lab: Trendestters Deborah Jarchow
When the weave structure fits the yarn structure, every yarn can be a "weaving yarn."


Rose and Star Overshot Towels • Robyn Spady

All-American Towels Tom Lipare

Pinwheels Redux Napkins Christina Garton

Peaceful Rhythm Towels • Sarah H. Jackson

Little Gems Coasters Susan Horton

Fresh Citrus Napkins and Tablecloth • Rebecca Fox

Zigzag Scarf • Deborah Jarchow

Northwoods Navajo-Inspired Mat Marcella Edmund

Spicy Scarves Tien Chiu

Sett Fiesta Runner and Shawl Katzy Luhring with Mary Berent and Michele Belson

American Snowflake Scarf Jan Josifek

Bauhaus Scarf Marilynn Cowgill

Little Gems Coasters
Susan Horton




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