Handwoven March/April 2011

March/April 2011
Designer Secrets

Page 60, Pillows by Sarah Jackson

Page 30, Scarves by Daryl Lancaster


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Endnotes: Daryl Lancaster

Designer’s Notebook: Using Color Forecast Palettes for Warp Stripes
Scarves by Daryl Lancaster

Designer’s Notebook: Juxtaposing Warp Colors in 4-Block, 4-Shaft Warp Rep
Rugs by Rosalie Neilson

Designer’s Notebook: Twill and Basketweave Stripes on Four Shafts
Towels by Robyn Spady

Learn Ply-Splitting with Two Summer Trivets
Trivets by Barbara Walker

Designer’s Notebook: Blending Yarns to Create New Hues
Towels Placemats by Ramona Abernathy-Paine

Designer’s Notebook: Homage to Frank Lloyd Wright
Scarves by Lestra Hazel

Designer’s Notebook: Happy Towels!
Dish Towels by Tracy Kaestner

Designing the Ultimate Dish Towel
Dish Towels by Mary Berent

Designer’s Notebook: Color and Pattern in Overshot
Hand Towels by Scott Norris

Designer’s Notebook: Color Gradations in Summer and Winter
Pillow Covers by Sarah Jackson

Playing with Bubbles
Mats by Anneke Kersten

Using Handwoven Projects as Springboards for Fabric Design
Runner by Connie Westbrook

Artful Fiber: Art Inspires Art
By Robin Lynde

Jewelry from Thrums by Robyn Spady

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