Handwoven January/February 2015

January/February 2015
Colorful Cotton

Ragtime Remix

Carol Reinhold



A Blouse for Susan
Sandra Hutton


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Cotton for Handweavers • Stephenie Gaustad
Weaver and spinner Stephenie Gaustad shares the secrets of tthis weaver's workhorse fiber.

Notes from the Fell Tom Knisely
Thoughts about selvedges, Japanese zanshi cloth, and perfect imperfection. 

Finishing Handwoven Cotton Fabric • Sharon Alderman
Yes, it's washable, but cotton needs wet-finishing, too.

Cotton and the Industrial Revolution • Alden Amos
Alden Amos explains how cotton changed the world.

A Life in Bloom Sally Fox
One woman's quest for colurful, sustainable cotton.

Idea Gallery: Playing with Pattern and Color • Alan A. Luhring and Sarah H. Jackson
Intricate patterns in miniature and color studies beyond the gamp.

Traditions: Cajun Cotton • Tom Knisely
Forced from their Canadian homes, Acadian weavers forged new traditions with Louisiana cotton.

Yarn Lab: Born in the USA • Becky McCoy
Made in Philadelphia, Huntingdon Mill cotton yarns are soft, warm, and luscious.


Iridescent Echoes Tabe Mats • Marian Stubenitsky

Bright and Handy Inkle Bags for a Smart Phone and for a Mini Tablet • Trudy Sonia

Belle Creole Bed Runner • Susan E. Horton

Pure Delight Towels • Deanna Deeds

Ragtime Remix • Carol Reinhold

Summer and Winter with a Twist Polka-Dot Towels • Linda Adamson

The Oscar Tote • Beth Mullins

Huck and Snuggle Baby Blanket  Kate Lange-McKibben

A Blouse for Susan  Sandra Hutton

Floating Shadows Towel  Susan Porter

Traditions: Cajun-Inspired Cotton Dish Towels  Tom Knisely


Iridescent Echoes Tablel Mats
Marian Stubenitsky






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